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People are your greatest asset – invest in them and the reward will follow.

The training that you would receive is completely bespoke and based entirely on attaining the outcomes you’ve set to achieve.

We will work with you to define specific objectives in line with your aims, design and develop the training required, and facilitate all sessions through our industry-leading trainer. What’s more, we also maintain close contact after the training stage to ensure there have been significant improvements in processes and people.

Our training sessions can vary from a handful of people to a company-wide initiative for a vast amount of staff.

All training can be conducted entirely in-house at your offices, or at a suitable venue.

You are assured that our pricing is completely transparent.

You will receive feedback and course evaluation, on each and every course run.

Our courses over the years have included:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Telephone Sales
  • Management Essentials
  • Communication
  • Team working & Team building
  • Leadership & Management
  • Conflict Management
  • And many more – if you don’t see, we can create it or most likely already have.

Coaching & Mentoring

Helping your people better understand themselves, becoming more effective and efficient.

Using a wide range of techniques, we will work with your people to develop greater awareness of them selves and their roles, performance and how they interact with their team and indeed the business.

Through a proven structure and process, our trainers will engage with your people, through a series of one to one sessions. These will provide the individual with a completely confidential platform to develop and grow.

Coaching will allow your people to set clear goals and achieve them through better understanding of their own capabilities and covers both business and work life.

Coaching is the perfect fit for any ongoing training programmes and can be run simultaneously.

Business Solutions

Your business will survive and prosper based on the decisions you make as part of your strategy.

It is not always a straightforward decision process as many factors and forces affect your decisions; legal, politics, economic, social, technological and of course competitor activity.

You will benefit from our expertise, in helping you and your business to ensure you have a clear and well communicated business plan/strategy.

From creating a vision document through to a larger format business plan for investment, KRL Consulting will sit within your business and work to co-create your plan.

From product and service, through to process and people, KRL Consulting will enhance your overall business. Our Business Growth concept will help your business.

From how to pitch your products and services, through to customer recruitment and retention, we have experience and track record of success in a multiple of areas.

Online Courses

Highly cost effective training for all staff.

Working in partnership with the UKs leading and largest online training provider, KRL Consulting have created a series of highly cost effective and practical online training programmes.

The extra benefit of working with KRL Consulting, is that we can link the online and physical training programme material, to deliver a complete package for you and your business and ensure that there is a consistency and continuity to your overall training programme.

The benefits to you of online training are:

It's Cost Effective and Saves Time

By reducing the time taken away from work, removing travel expenditures and printed material costs, online learning helps you to save time and money.

Learning Anytime

Many face to face courses only operate within normal working hours. Undertaking the course at a time to suit you will minimise the impact of interruptions and disturbances.

It Makes Tracking Course Progress Simple

Perhaps the most important aspect of using computers for training is that it is easy to track and prove your progress. This can be essential for the courses where mandatory training is required.

Fun and Engaging

By using a variation of activities and quizzes in the system, the training is both fun and interactive. This ensures the training is engaging and stimulating for the learner.

It's Discreet

Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something difficult to understand. E-learning allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

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Business Consultancy

The first impression of a brand and its values, last a long time. A successful brand will deliver huge results for all parties, however the key is in the positioning and message that the brand conveys.

From start up through to a large corporate, KRL Consulting have the resource, capabilities and proven track record to work with you. Whether discussing branding ideas, funding discussions, or how to position the business – KRL Consulting can help you with your business.

Your requirements might range from organisational interventions or perhaps a team building issue.

Recent successful projects have included a major National Governing Body in sport requiring a club level re focus, or a small start up requiring a process and procedure for entering a fast paced and highly competitive market.

Whatever your requirement, KRL Consulting can work with you as to how to best achieve them.

Business App development

Digital agency solutions for your business, utilising the latest App developments

Working in partnership with a well respected and successful UK based digital agency, KRL Consulting can assist you in creating a powerful and business focused App. Recent projects have included sports clubs requiring improved communication and revenue streams through to a large multi national brewery chain.

Your App will allow you to:


Let your customers tell you what they like. With custom tracking, add to favourites, remind me’s and much more. Capture intelligent information to ensure precise target marketing.


Wow your audiences with stunning interactive apps - from voting to product exploration - your app will pack a powerful punch at any event or tradeshow.


Be a leader in this digital world with educational apps. Beautifully designed and content rich with quizzes, videos, articles and much more; teach, inspire and develop your team.


An elite team needs an elite sales tool. Give them only the very best a bespoke sales app will bring. Tailored exclusively to meet your business demands.

“Working with my senior management, Karl has developed a series of courses, which have received excellent feedback”